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Civil Rights

We fight abuses of power.

When people in power abuse their authority, it’s offensive and destructive. We give you a voice and help hold them accountable.

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We stand up for your rights.

Civil rights cases are tough and complex. We dig in, shine a light on wrongdoing, and help you fight back.

How we work

  • We vigorously investigate the case, finding out what happened, why it happened, and who knew about it.
  • We do a deep dive into the legal research to thoroughly understand the complex legal rules of your particular civil rights claim, so we can help you aggressively pursue the wrongdoers.
  • We take time to develop strong relationships with our clients so that we fully know how the events have affected them, and so we can tell their stories.
  • We work closely with you to creatively achieve your goals and obtain results that are meaningful to you.
Civil Rights Case Types

We excel in civil rights cases.

  • Police brutality/wrongdoing Cases involving serious injuries caused by police
  • Wrongful conviction Cases where you have been exonerated and seek payment for your wrongful conviction
  • Abuse by teachers or clergy Cases involving physical or emotional abuse by people in trusted positions
  • Retaliation Cases where you have been punished for speaking up for your rights or someone else's rights

We get superior results in civil rights cases.

$2,500,000 Settlement

for the family of a mother killed in a car crash by a drunk driver.

$900,000 Settlement

for a family subjected to racially discriminatory treatment by a school district.

Confidential Settlement

for violation of a female student's privacy by a teacher.

Confidential Settlement

for multiple victims of abuse by teacher.

$458,933 Jury Verdict

award plus attorney fees for a woman wrongfully arrested by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

$100,000 Settlement

for a motorist who was wrongfully shot by police.

$2,700,000 Settlement

for a spinal cord injury caused by excessive use of force by police.

Confidential Settlement

for a woman who suffered harm when a private correctional facility allowed a prisoner to escape.

$623,380 Jury Verdict

for a woman who was sexually assaulted.

*The outcome of any client’s case will depend on the particular legal and factual circumstances of the case.


What to expect when working with us.

  • 01

    Initial conversation.

    We gather all the necessary information and begin evaluating.

  • 02


    Using the information, we assess the strengths and weaknesses of all possible claims and defenses.

  • 03

    Filing the lawsuit.

    This starts the formal litigation process.

  • 04

    Exchange of information.

    This is called the discovery phase and includes exchange of information and documents, and testimony under oath.

  • 05


    Oftentimes the parties will attempt to resolve the case by using a neutral third-party to help bring the sides together.

  • 06


    If mediation or negotiations are unsuccessful, the next stop is the courthouse.

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