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You want action. You want to hold someone accountable. You want to be restored financially. And, if possible you want to make sure that what happened to you never happens to someone else. You’ve come to the right place.

Meet the Rest of Our Team

Lori Lindsey Smurr

Lori has been the Office Administrator for Cooper Elliott since its inception in 1995. Lori is responsible for all administrative operations of the firm. In addition to her administrative role, Lori also provides litigation support to the firm and is the primary point of contact for the firm’s vendors and consultants.

Tammy McKinney

Tammy has been with the firm for more than 15 years. She provides administrative civil litigation support to all members of the firm and is a primary point of contact for clients seeking updated information. Before joining Cooper Elliott in 2003, Tammy worked in various business settings.

Kim Cecil

Kim joined the firm in 2019. She has more than 25 years of experience as a paralegal and has spent the majority of her career helping injured victims. Prior to joining Cooper Elliott, Kim worked for a variety of well-respected law firms in Columbus, Ohio preparing legal documents, investigating injury cases and providing litigation and client support to injured victims.

The following groups have honored one or more Cooper Elliott attorneys by selecting them for membership or by bestowing special recognition:

Our work helps real people & improves the world.

Medicine is better, the environment is cleaner, and cars are safer today, thanks to Americans—represented by trial attorneys—who stood up to wrongdoers and held them accountable. We're proud to be part of that process.

Every day, we help individuals and families get their lives back on track after they’ve or their business suffered devastating harm caused by the negligence, wrongdoing or misconduct of others. We’re committed to ensuring that all people—individuals, families, patients, workers, consumers and small business owners—are able to find justice and accountability.

Tenacious advocates

We take action quickly and fight for the underdog. To date, we've recovered more than $350,000,000 in compensation.

25 years of service

For over a quarter of a century, Cooper Elliott attorneys have helped thousands of people through their tragedies.

Lives made better

In addition to making a meaningful difference in the lives of thousands of clients, we've achieved many corporate changes that make our communities safer.

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