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It’s time to hold the Boy Scouts of America accountable.

The Boy Scouts of America admits that more than 12,000 children in its care have been sexually abused. There are so many new claims that the organization recently filed for bankruptcy. As part of its settlement, victims have until November 16, 2020, to file a claim. If you or your child were sexually abused by someone connected to the Boy Scouts, contact our office. We will fight for you.

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We work tirelessly to seek justice for sexually abused children.

When a child is sexually abused, their trust and innocence are shattered. Any organization that allows this to happen to thousands of boys must be held accountable. Our firm has reshaped state laws and institutional policies to weed out predators and protect children from harm.

  • Sexual abuse by Boy Scout leaders Cases involving abuse by a Scoutmaster or other troop leader
  • Sexual abuse by Boy Scout camp employees Cases involving abuse by those who work at a Boy Scout camp
  • Sexual abuse by a volunteer Cases involving other parents or young adult volunteers
  • Sexual abuse by other Boy Scouts Cases involving abuse by those under 18

Our commitments to you when you file a claim

Cooper Elliott has worked with many victims of childhood sexual abuse, and we understand the pain, shame, and suffering it can inflict. Let the attorneys in our office focus on your case so you or your child can focus on healing. We will connect you with local experts who can help.


Tell us what happened and how the abuse has affected you or your child.


We gather information, interview witnesses, and obtain police and medical records to get the entire picture.


Trauma specialists, medical professionals, and other specialists can clearly explain to a jury what happened and why.


We collaborate with your doctors and therapists to learn the full extent of your trauma and treatment.


We take your case as far as you want us to, from filing court documents to a trial in front of a jury to hold the Boy Scouts fully accountable.


We get results for victims of sexual abuse.

$5,999,100 Jury Verdict

for the abuse of a child by a volunteer at a church-operated daycare.

$635,000 Settlement

for a young girl injured at a daycare facility.

Ohio Confidential Settlement & policy changes

For abuse of three students in the Olentangy School District.

Ohio Confidential Settlement

For the sexual abuse of a student at West Muskingum Local School District.

*The outcome of any client’s case will depend on the particular legal and factual circumstances of the case.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about pursuing claims against the Boy Scouts of America, we can help. Start with these answers to common questions, then contact our office to discuss the specifics of your situation.

Why is there a deadline to file a claim against the Boy Scouts?

After thousands of sexual abuse claims, the Boy Scouts of America filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May. As part of its settlement, the BSA created a Victims Compensation Trust to compensate the many sexual abuse victims that it failed to protect. While the Boy Scouts asked for an 80-day window for people to file a claim, the bankruptcy court is giving Boy Scout sexual abuse survivors six months to file claims.

The deadline to file a claim is November 16, 2020.
We will be honest with you about how the legal system works and possible avenues to explore to seek justice. Our attorneys present different options to you, but you decide what steps you want us to take.

Every day, we meet with people who are picking up the pieces of their life after a tragedy. We understand how tough this can be, and we won't pressure you into doing anything you don't want to do at any step.

Can I file a claim if the abuse happened years ago?

Yes. Every state has a statute of limitations, or deadline, to file a claim. Americans are starting to understand the fear, pain, and shame that accompanies sexual abuse and how it prevents people, especially children, from saying anything. Today, some states are allowing survivors to come forward many years later.

There is no downside to filing a claim against the Boy Scouts, and if you work with our law firm, you won't have to pay if your claim is denied.

Why would I file a claim against the Boy Scouts of America?

The Boy Scouts of America is a beloved organization that’s been around since 1910, but the organization itself admits that more than 12,000 children in its care were sexually abused. And that’s just the cases they are certain about. We'll never know the true extent of the damage as many cases go unreported.

Organizations like the BSA have a responsibility to protect the children in their care, to take every step possible to prevent abuse from occurring, and to listen and follow up immediately when abuse happens—in support of the child, not the abuser and not the troop’s reputation. The Boy Scouts allowed sexual abuse to happen thousands of times. They need to be held accountable.

What can I expect during my free initial consultation?

You will meet with an experienced attorney who will listen to your story and discuss the legal options available to you. We understand the challenges of speaking about sexual abuse, and we won't ask you to share any uncomfortable details. We have helped many children who have been abused, and we have a clear understanding about how predators operate. It's our job to fight for you.

We will be honest with you about how the legal system works and possible avenues to explore to seek justice. Our attorneys will present different options to you, but you decide what steps you want us to take.
Any company that hires an abuser needs to take a very close look at their hiring practices, training, and workplace culture. A civil lawsuit can bring about important changes that prevent abuse from happening there again.

How much do lawyers charge to file a claim of child sexual abuse against the Boy Scouts?

Some law firms charge an hourly rate. Cooper Elliott uses a contingency model for our clients. We offer free consultations, and we are paid only if we win your sexual abuse case or settle your claim against the Boy Scouts of America out of court. We discuss the details with you at each stage of the process so there are no surprises.

How do I find the best lawyer for an abuse claim against the Boy Scouts?

It's a good idea to do some research to make sure you have the best representation possible.

You can start with a website where lawyers review other lawyers, such as or to research our firm and any Cooper Elliott attorney.

Our law firm has received numerous accolades since opening our practice in 1995, including:

The National Trial Lawyers Top 100
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Finally, we are invested in winning every case. Cooper Elliott uses a contingency model, which means we don't charge an hourly rate. We only get paid if you win a verdict or receive a settlement.


Let us fight for you.

If you were sexually abused by someone affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, you deserve justice. Schedule a free consultation at our office today to get started. Here’s what to expect:

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  • Exchange of Information
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