Ohio Class Action Attorneys

Helping those who have been harmed and aggressively pursuing the ones who hurt them.

“The class action is one of the few legal remedies the small claimant has against those who command the status quo.” — Justice William O. Douglas

Banding together hundreds or thousands of people into one lawsuit forces the defendant to take notice—even if they’re a large company who could easily overwhelm a single plaintiff. In our experience, class action litigation often provides the only meaningful way to right some of the wrongs suffered by people like you.

Since 1995, the class action attorneys at Cooper & Elliott have been helping people find justice and bring about systemic change through the courts.

We Take the Complex Cases

Even if other attorneys have told you that you don’t have a case or that it’s just too difficult, contact us. We have experience handling complex litigation that other attorneys decline to handle.

Contingency-Fee Based Representation

Our contingency-fee based representation allows us to share your burden and the financial risks of your case. Our clients are more than just cases; they are a part of our team and our family.