Right Ratio

Personalized Civil Litigation Support And Guidance

Personalized attention and care from your civil litigation support team is crucial to the best outcome for your case. When an attorney can't even return your calls, your case isn't moving forward.

In order to offer you the best possible legal services, we maintain strict lawyer-to-client ratios. When you partner with Cooper & Elliott, you get a dedicated point of contact and a civil litigation attorney at your disposal. With the Right Ratio, you are ensured the care and support you need as your legal team gives your case the time, energy and resources it deserves.

This approach allows our Plaintiff Protectors to provide you with the sort of personalized, compassionate expertise and guidance necessary to protect your interests and achieve an optimal outcome for your case.

You can't afford to have one busy and distracted attorney running your case as he or she overlooks important facts and underestimates the prosecution's case against you.

Pursue Personalized Care