Ohio Law Firm

With A Focus On Wrongful Death Litigation

Cooper & Elliott is the premier Ohio law firm with a focus on wrongful death settlements and serious personal injury. Since 1995, we've achieved justice for thousands of clients. To date, our firm has obtained more than $60 million in jury verdicts and settlements for our clients, including some of the largest jury verdicts in the state of Ohio.

We are also passionate about representing individuals and families in civil litigation and businesses in complex commercial disputes. Our litigation experience has taught us that a client's rights, and their financial recovery, are maximized when their attorney is prepared to take their case to trial. Courtroom experience makes a big difference.

What really sets our firm apart from the others is that we see people, not plaintiffs. As your Compassionate Consultants, we are your guardians throughout the legal process. We provide you with consistent communication, comfort and courage, while protecting your interests for the justice you deserve.

Throughout your civil litigation experience, Cooper & Elliott stays by your side and stands up for your rights:

We have fought against some of the most powerful corporations, hospitals, manufacturers, insurance companies, trucking firms and municipalities in the U.S., leveling the playing field for our clients and holding the defendants accountable for the harm they have caused.

We're proud that our work has improved our clients' lives, increased public awareness and impacted public safety.